Yuvraj Singh Foundation in collaboration with Give India and Payback, provide PPE kits to assist India’s healthcare workers.

In collaboration with Give India and Payback, YouWeCan distributed PPE kits under Mission 1000 beds. 5000 kits were distributed in Madurai (Tamil Nadu), 2572 kits in Kannur (Kerala), 3000 in Thrissur (Kerala), 3000 kits in Indore (Madhya Pradesh) and 3000 were distributed in Bangalore (Karnataka). These kits were distributed as a part of the collaboration under Give India. In Himachal Pradesh, 600 kits were distributed in Rohru, 300 in Theog, and 180 in Matiana. All the distributions of kits in Himachal Pradesh were done in collaboration with Payback. Additionally, 260 kits were distributed among the health care workers to assist them in their daily work. In total, 17912 kits were distributed under this initiative – a step forward for India’s battle against COVID-19.


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    Dr. Niky Tulsidas Hadfadkar is Cluster Coordinator for the Swasth Mahila Swasth Goa Project. She has pursued her Bachelor in Homoeopathy and Medical Surgery (BHMS) and also holds