My name is Priyanka Devi. I am a cook by profession. I am a single parent to Naman – my twelve-year-old only child. Naman used to develop a high fever and feel nauseous very often. When I took him to the doctors, tests revealed that he was suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. This news was devastating for me. I could not believe how my child (at such a young age) can suffer from cancer. My family wholeheartedly supported me. They encouraged me to stay strong, and face each challenge with courage. Today, Naman is a bright child studying in the fifth standard. He is undergoing chemotherapy under protocol 3. Naman is my source of hope. Despite going through such harsh treatment, he stays cheerful and spreads smiles wherever he goes. I love to watch him play cricket. He is fond of video games as well.

I am highly thankful to the YouWeCan Foundation for helping in the treatment of my child. The Foundation has helped us in a very critical situation. They have been our constant support through thick and thin. There are no words to express my gratitude to the YWC Foundation. As a mother, I pray for a bright and healthy future for him – in which he can dream, and achieve whatever he sets out to accomplish.



Ambitious, Resilient, Survivor.

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