Disha  Roy  |  Sodepur,  West  Bengal

When Yuvian Disha Roy was introduced to YouWeCan Foundation’s work – she found an accessible way to make a significant difference. In conversation with Disha, on what makes her amplify the YWC message.


Q. Introduce yourself.  Where  are  you  from &  how  have  you  become  involved  with  the foundation?

Ans. I am Disha Roy. I’m now pursuing a M.Sc in Biotechnology. I come from a place named Sodepur in West Bengal. I got involved in YouWeCan foundation through Instagram.

Q.  What  motivated  you  to  become  involved with  YWC  activities?

Ans. I am a die hard fan of Yuvraj Singh. I get motivated by all the activities he does to make a difference in the society, and so here I am.

Q.  What  is  a  memorable  moment  that  you’ve experienced  in  your  involvement  with  YWC?

Ans. The most memorable moment that I experienced was celebrating Yuvraj Singh’s Birthday on 12/12/2021. On that day, in collaboration with fellow Yuvi fans, I provided 30 under privileged children with food supplements. The smiles on their faces are unforgettable.

Q.  What  do  you  aspire  to  do?

Ans. I aspire to become a teacher. I want to support my parents. I also want to contribute to make a difference in the lives of needy people. I want to work for YouWeCan’s cause to fight cancer, by creating awareness among people and helping the needy to access better treatment at early stages – for the chance of a better outcome.

Q.  Has  Yuvraj  Singh  inspired  your  life? How and why?

Ans. Yuvraj Singh is a name that I worship every day every moment of my life. I treat him as an elder brother. I grew up watching him make difficult choices before each success that he achieved. His struggles and sacrifices towards our country inspired me to get through all the hardships and hurdles that I faced in my day to day life. I also learnt a lot from the grit and determination he showed on the field, while battling cancer. He taught me to never give up on things I love, even if everything goes against me. His kind hearted nature which emphasizes upon giving the love and kindness back to society, helped me to discover the goal of my life. Yuvi paaji had a great influence both, on my professional and personal life.

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