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Meet The Team

Stefny is a Cluster Coordinator. She looks forward to bringing more joy and vibrancy and sharing her innovative ideas with the team, making it a cool, efficient and more energetic


SURYA | Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu In conversation with a Yuvi fan and an aspiring C.A, Surya (@AuditorSurya) from Tamil Nadu   Ques. Introduce yourself. Where are you from and how

Story of Courage

One day, when Aaliya got home from school, she complained that she wasn’t feeling well and looked very weak and pail. As a mother, I tried to make her feel

Yuvi’s Birthday Celebration

12th December is a very special day for all Yuvians including Team YouWeCan since it’s our founder, Yuvraj Singh’s birthday. This year marked the legend’s 41st birthday. Fans all across India

Santa’s visit to Pediatric unit AIIMS

On the occasion of Christmas, team Youwecan organized an event at AIIMS, New Delhi at the pediatric surgery ward. We adorned the pediatric surgery unit with balloons and a christmas


Generally, cancer in any part of the body is a condition in which cells start to divide at abnormally and uncontrollably; and invade other tissues. Through our blood and lymphatic

Goa Team

Meet The Team

Prateeksha Saxena is Cluster coordinator in Swasth Mahila Swasth Goa project. She brings Positive energy, innovation and zeal to the team. She is being a better version of herself by