Breast cancer screening of team YouWeCan in collaboration with Niramai

Breast Cancer Screening Nirami

Insights from females of YouWeCan who underwent breast cancer screening.

Purnima Bist

To be able to understand my breast health and de-taboo my body, this breast cancer screening was more than just an attempt to know my screening status but also to take a risk to fight the bigger risk of cancer humankind battles every day. Coming out of this screening, I am more educated and empowered and advise more women to take this step for their health.

Akanksha Datta

I had never done a breast cancer screening before but because of YouWeCan’s initiative I was able to undergo a radiation free, painless and non-invasive scan. The results helped me understand my body better and take care of it in a better way. The scan has made me more aware and alert now and I strongly urge every woman to go for regular check-ups.

Poorva Sati

Having a family history of cancer, I was happy to know that I could get myself screened for cancer without having to undergo painful mammography tests. The Breast Cancer Screening programme conducted by Niramai successfully created a safe and comfortable environment for breast cancer screening. The screenings being organised by YouWeCan in collaboration with Niramai are a step in the right direction to beat breast cancer.

Dr. Bhavika

Got myself screened despite knowing I had a lump in my breast for 1 year. It was an overwhelming experience to know about my current breast health. The procedure was painless and radiation free which was a big relief. I am more aware about my breast health now. It was indeed a great initiative by YouWeCan.

Dr. Tanvi Yadav

I was relieved to learn that I could have myself examined for cancer without having to endure uncomfortable mammograms. This breast cancer screening was more than simply an effort to learn about my screening status; it was also a risk taken to combat the greater cancer danger that women face every day. I feel more informed and in control after my exam, and I encourage more women to do the same for their health.

Dr. Divya Singh

I underwent a breast cancer screening for the first time ever, and it was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. It is quick, accurate, discreet, and non-intrusive. It took around 15 minutes to complete, and I got the report quickly after.

At first, I was anxious and a little afraid, but the operators clearly explained everything, which allowed me to relax. Now that I’m aware of my breast health, I urge every woman of reproductive age to take breast health seriously and undergo annual screenings because early diagnosis saves lives.

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