Health Check-Up Camp in conducted in Senior Secondary Girls School, Ghamroj Village, Sohna

A health check-up camp was conducted by Yuvraj Singh Foundation on 4th December 2016 at Ghamroj Village, Sohna Road from 10 am to 4 pm.

The camp was organized at the Senior Secondary Girls School, Ghamroj Village, Sohna Road. There was a main counter created for the registration of the participants in the camp. Further on, four more counters were created – one catered to the group requiring general check-up tests like blood pressure and Body Mass Index (BMI), the second counter had a ‘Breast Cancer Awareness and Screening’ going on, the third had ‘Oral Cancer Detection’ for adults and ‘Dental check-up’ for all the individuals including children and fourth had patient counselling for ‘Tobacco Cessation’.



The camp had an OPD of 196 patients on Sunday, which consisted of 101 women and 95 men. The concept of a ‘Health Check-up Camp’ was propagated to school children by writing information notes in school diaries of students on a Saturday. Many students and parents had dental problems and abnormalities. Oral precancerous lesions and conditions were found in 2 patients. The camp was attended by doctor Dr. Sumedha Kushwaha, Dr. Nganba Khundrakpam, Dr. Manasvi Behl, Dr. Subhanwita Mitra and operators Mrs. Poonam, Ms. Rinki, Ms. Radhika and Ms. Anjali. The arrangements made to organize the camp by Mr. Amit Raghav was appreciated.

  • Health education material distributed regarding noncommunicable diseases
  • No patient detected positive in the breast cancer screening
  • Many patients turned up for tobacco cessation
  • Patients were in between the age of 4 to 82 year old


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