Comprehensive Health Camp for Titliyaan NGO

A total of 146 participants were screened for various medical tests at the camp held at Sanatam Dharm Mandir, Sector – 19, Noida. The camp was held by Yuvraj Singh Foundation in collaboration with Titliyaan NGO.

Various tests conducted at the camp included height, weight, Body Mass Index (BMI) measurements and body temperature, pulse oximeter and dental check-up.
This was followed by a health education session where topics like menstrual hygiene, oral cancer, tobacco use prevention and awareness, breast cancer and cervical cancer awareness were discussed.
The tests revealed that most of the children had bad oral hygiene and hence had dental caries, gingivitis, physiologically mobile teeth requiring extraction etc. Also, most of the children were underweight.

  • Cases tested positive referred to Bliss 32 Clinic
  • Age range of participants was in between 3 to 25 years
  • 78 men and 68 women present at the camp
  • Focus on menstrual hygiene and tobacco awareness


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