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Cancer awareness camp conducted for the students of Ruhi Foundation School, Noida

December 23, 2016

An awareness session regarding the increasing prevalence of cancer was carried out for the students of Ruhi Foundation School, Sector-134, Noida on 23rd December 2016 from 11 am to 2:30 pm. The session was followed by a health check-up camp including dental check-up and assessment of Body Mass Index (BMI) for all the students to understand the level of their dental hygiene and treatment needs and malnutrition amongst them.
On asking about the parents about their occupation and income, it was revealed that these children were from a very low socioeconomic background. On enquiring about the personal history of their parents, 86% students reported tobacco consumption in form of tobacco chewing and eating pan masala, gutka, paan etc and smoking cigarettes and bidis was a common habit in all households. Many students even reported of mothers and elder brothers having similar habits.
Out of the 150 students whom we examined, 65 students required multiple restorations due to conditions like dental caries, chronic reversible and irreversible pulpitis, abscess etc., 35 students required scaling due to chronic generalized gingivitis, in some cases localised periodontitis was observed and 8 students required extractions due to either mobile or grossly carious teeth. Hence, the overall oral health assessment showed poor results.
All kids were nearly normal or slightly underweight on the calculation. No student was found overweight or obese. The school has a facility of providing lunch to the kids. All students, teachers and attendants were given free toothpaste by YSF.
Ruhi Foundation was founded in March 2011, on the principle belief that education is the best investment and no one, regardless of age, race, gender and socioeconomic status should be denied of such education.
All the information and pictures are available at http://www.ruhifoundation.com/


December 23, 2016

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