Health Education Camp & Breast Cancer Awareness organised at the Police Training Academy, Moradabad

The program started at 11.30 am in the morning with a small introduction about breast cancer and Yuvraj Singh Foundation. The first lecture was conducted regarding the incidence, prevalence and epidemiology of breast cancer, its signs and symptoms, the risk factors for breast cancer and various modalities for prevention and treatment of breast cancer. The second session consisted of the prevention aspect of breast cancer – it taught the recruits the practices they should adopt to avoid the circumstances for the occurrence of breast cancer, the myths regarding the disease were busted. The session was followed by a question answer round. The program concluded by pinning pink ribbons on the uniformed women and distributing glucose powder enriched with various minerals, vitamins and ions to replenish the lost nutrients during a workout. The foundation gave away Diwali gifts to the principal of the academy, Mr. Meena and Deputy SP Mrs. Archana Singh. About the Police Training Academy: The Police Training Academy houses 550 female recruits who are trained to provide further police services to the nation. Moradabad Police Training Academy was founded in the year 1902. The academy is currently headed by IPS Officer, IG Police Mr. BR Meena. The recruits go through different levels of thorough training ranging from physical exercises including a schedule of 5 hours of rigorous workout to getting educated about various laws, their roles and responsibilities and various sections of the IPC. Recruits are trained there for 6 months and accommodation is provided at the campus.

  • YSF badges and bands were distributed to the staff members
  • Yuvraj Singh Foundation got invited at Agra, Mainpuri and Etwaha Police Training Academies
  • A short video on myths about breast cancer was shown
  • Many questions and uncertainties about the doubts cleared by the doctors

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