IHS Markit joins hand with the YouWeCan Foundation to fight against COVID-19 and support frontline healthcare workers

Covid-19 has propelled the lives of many people upside down. While it is imperative to take precautionary measures to avoid contraction with the virus, more so for the healthcare personnel and volunteers directly involved in combating it, it is not always economically viable for everyone to be equipped with the essential safety items. With this thought in mind, the YouWeCan Foundation and IHS Markit joined hands in this fight against COVID-19 and supported frontline health workers.

The frontline health workers play an essential role, sacrificing their wellbeing for serving society at large. Their tireless efforts may often go unnoticed, their needs might not always be fully met, leaving them in a vulnerable state. The YouWeCan Foundation, which works towards empowering Indians to fight cancer, acknowledges and salutes the work of these volunteers while helping them in every way possible. Himanshu Sharma and the entire team at IHS Markit have contributed 15,000 N-95 masks (that are worth over INR 50 lakhs) to the cause. These masks will be used by our Health Care Heroes who are battling the virus at the frontlines.

The YWC Foundation has been working extensively to provide relief to the frontline workers. A representative from the YouWeCan Foundation said, “ The pandemic has brought to the forefront the work done, and the importance of, our frontline workers. While they have been working day and night to make sure that all essential services and facilities are available to those in need, there is also a huge risk of them being infected by the virus. We are glad to have IHS Markit onboard with us in supporting these heroes.”

At this moment it is extremely important that all of us stand together to fight against COVID-19 and offer continuous support to essential workers who are putting their lives at risk to ensure that our needs are met. We deeply appreciate this vote of support! 

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