Q1. Please introduce yourself and your responsibilities at SBI Foundation?

Ans. As the Managing Director of SBI Foundation, I head the CSR initiatives at SBI Foundation. Under my leadership, the organisation has implemented innovative solutions to develop the CSR landscape in India by solving problems faced by the marginalised section of the society. We aim to transform the lives of people in rural India creating a sustainable and inclusive future for all.


Q2. Tell us a little bit more about the work that is taken on by SBI Foundation?

Ans. Our focus areas include Education, Health, Skills and Livelihood Development, Women Empowerment, Rural Development, Sustainability & Environment, Innovation, Sanitation, Disability and Sports. Our primary aim is improving socio-economic well-being of the disadvantaged sections of the society and enabling them to live to their fullest potential. Through our projects, we have identified gaps in remote areas and developed innovative solutions to address the most pressing issues of our communities.


Q3. SBI Foundation and YouWeCan have partnered together for multiple initiatives (Mission1000Beds and Goa). Why did you choose to partner with YouWeCan Foundation?

Ans. We chose to partner with YOUWECAN as their vision aligns perfectly with ours. During the Covid – 19 pandemic, SBI Foundation was working towards setting up Covid beds across several locations, and YOUWECAN Foundation joined us at the right time. Cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s inspirational journey in battling cancer and starting the YOUWECAN movement also inspired us to implement Swasth Mahila, Swasth Goa project with them.


Q4. What are your thoughts on YouWeCan’s Swasth Mahila, Swasth Goa Initiative?

Ans. I believe it is a powerful project, full of possibilities and scope. We are humbled and grateful that over 1,00,000 women in the state of Goa will be benefitted through

our free screening services and treatment for breast cancer. We believe this will be a truly transformational project in the sphere of women’s health.


Q5. How does the Swasth Mahila, Swasth Goa Initiative address healthcare in India?

Ans. Through this project, breast cancer screening will be facilitated at 35 health centres across Goa. In addition, multiple outreach camps will be conducted, 20 ibreast devices will be utilized in North and South Goa and screening will be done via a non-invasive technique. Diagnosed patients will also be sent to Goa Medical College and Hospital, and Government health workers and auxiliary nurse midwives will be trained as a part of the project. Our commitment towards the health and well-being of women in India is strong, and we look forward to more such initiatives in the future.


Q6. What do you envision for the future of India’s healthcare systems? What can one do to contribute?

Ans. Strengthening healthcare systems and awareness is key to developing the health domain in our country. There is a clear unmet need here but there is also immense scope to develop innovative solutions. Furthermore, providing timely access to healthcare to those most in need, is what we should be focusing on, and for that I believe well trained medical professionals and quality hospital infrastructure is key. Mental health is also an important area that needs to be addressed, which includes nurturing a positive environment that is essential to one’s overall development.


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