“We do not see the world as it is we see it as we are”
It is said, that the first step to healing the world is to heal one’s own heart. So, let’s start there! As interactions with the outside world pave the way for impressions and new learnings each day — it is essential for us all to give ourselves the love we deserve. When was the last time you were kind to yourself? From meditation, to self care — there are plenty ways to prioritise one’s mental wellbeing so as to be equipped to deal with the outside
world. The thoughts we have about ourselves are significantly more important than the thoughts other people have about us. In a hyper accessible digital world, where we are open to new stimuli, experiences and triggers each moment — we all must have healthy mechanisms of forming perceptions of ourselves. It is a common phenomenon to put oneself through mental scrutiny and comparison — whereas what we all need at challenging times is compassion. Be the loving and comforting presence you need for yourself, so that you can lift yourself up and overcome all obstacles.
Forgive yourself for past behaviours and missed opportunities. Let go of your limiting thoughts and beliefs. A lot of us limit ourselves to what we think we can do but actually, we can go as far as our mind lets us go. Unlearn your limitations, and unleash your powers. Give yourself credit for how far you’ve come. By being mindful and observant of your daily accomplishments, you will be able to appreciate and recognise your progress. Meditation,
journalling, maintaining daily logs and affirmations are some ways to focus on achievements. Reflect on learnings with loved ones, so that you can keep track of your triumphs and move forward.

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