Noida Event

The YouWeCan Employee Engagement Program was held on the 17th of June at the Post Graduate Institute of Child Health, Noida. The event commenced at 2 pm with a brief introduction to Yuvraj Singh Foundation, in the pediatric ward.

Employees went on to have an inspiring experience, as they interacted with the beneficiaries. The employees distributed drawing materials to the beneficiaries, who then engaged in creative exploration. Parents of the beneficiaries opened up about their experience through diagnosis and treatment of their children, and the YouWeCan team motivated them. A magician came to the ward, and cheered the children up!

YouWeCan Team member Garima Mahajan says, “I went there with the intention of motivating them, and instead — these strong children and their families motivated us. This was a truly incredible and life- changing experience.”

The YouWeCan Team got the opportunity to interact with Dr. Nita Radhakrishnan (Pediatric Oncologist), PGICH, Noida. She shared her views and experience of being a pediatric oncologist, from which the team gained some valuable insights.

Noida Event

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