“Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”- Napoleon Hill.

Do you think this is true? Can you believe in this simple line more than anything else?


Great minds throughout history perceive that this statement is not just a string of words joined by  conjunctions and prepositions but unquestionable like the law of gravitation.

Our mind is a such a beautiful tool given to us by nature. This super abilities of this organ distinguishes us from other species existing on the planet. The mind not only has the capabilites to think, analyze and solve problems but also has the power to attract in life what we want/do not want the most.


Various of authors have named it either vibrations or frequency. Numerous call it the law of cause and effect and many others have even gone further ahead it and call it metaphysics. To put it in simple terms – once it is created in thought, it shall exist in reality too. Matter is created in two planes. Initially in thought and then in reality. Everything that exists today in reality was once a mere imagination. The sword though is double edged. Example- when you are very careful or extra cautious about a particular thing in life and think constantly “I will not lose it”- you are sure to lose it. The law does not have the power to differentiate in words. The law thrives on imagination and more strongly on emotion. If the primary emotion is insecurity, no matter what you say and think- that shall happen unto you which lurks in your mind quietly and makes you actually feel miserable.


Mind is such a plane – that once a thought creeps in, it is very difficult to control its multiplication. We keep brooding on it unneccesarily. People throughout their lives, live a life of fear of something in their own imagination- which is factually untrue. See how you mentally fight with your boss, how you keep thinking wrong about your partner, how after so much preparation- you still feel you are going to fail and so on.


When we speak about telepathy/serendipity/coincidence: these are incidents that happen are not due to sheer luck but due to the metaphysical laws. Our imagination and creativity decrease as we are guided by our conscious mind totally. We are made to understand that what the eyes can see, ears can hear, the tongue can taste, nose can smell and skin can sense is only true. But don’t you think what we actually feel inside is a better guide? What we feel and intuit is often better than what the world tells us. When people say- Listen to your heart, honestly and jokingly, the only sound that poor organ makes is Lub Dub produced by the closing of the atrioventricular valves and semilunar valves, respectively. But on a serious note, what they mean is to sense what our subconscious mind tells us.


The subconscious mind cannot filter but the conscious mind is a beautiful filter- when in situation of total discomfort or negativity- try thinking and feeling totally at comfort and positive. Reassure to your ownself that everything is fine and this adversity has come to make way for a wonderful opportunity. Close your eyes, detach yourself from the situation, go to a far off place with the sun shining on you, the sand touching your feel and imagine yourself stressfree and happy playing with dolphins. Believe me, how so ever, you train your mind to feel, that shall only happen. Because now you are a nascent stage of guiding your conscious brain not to believe factually but how you want the circumstances to be.


Mind is a very powerful tool. Unfortunately, most part of our lives, we are so unaware of our thoughts that we let mind mostly control us. But if, you are fortunate enough to be even aware of the fact that you can create whatever you want from this freely and adequately available resource to all- you would not spare another moment in negative or wasteful thinking.


John Milton in Paradise Lost wrote, The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of Hell, a hell of Heaven.


We have all the power to find our own paradise each moment of our lives, If you have trouble finding it, you have the power to certainly make it (totally according to your whims and fancies)!

You are the Hero of this beautiful life and the Director thankfully sits just between your ears.

written by Dr. Sumedha Kushwaha

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