Payback India Partners with ‘YouWeCan’ Foundation in its Fight Against Cancer


Childhood cancer cases in India comprise almost 3-5% of the total cancer cases and as per experts, the cure rate in children is extremely low in the country. This reality drove PAYBACK India, a multi-brand loyalty program, to partner with the YouWeCan Foundation to sponsor the treatment of underprivileged children suffering from cancer and help the foundation in its efforts to spread awareness.

This is a positive step towards fighting cancer in the country. With more people joining his fight, there is a greater possibility of far-reaching influence and building awareness across the country which is a key focus area for the YouWeCan Foundation. The foundation believes that the key to fighting cancer in India and empowering Indians is to share knowledge and spread awareness about it. 

On having PAYBACK India as partner support, Yuvraj Singh, Founder – YouWeCan Foundation, said, “I’m very happy that PAYBACK has partnered with us to support the cancer treatment of children from underprivileged backgrounds. This will go a long way in strengthening the fight against cancer in India. I hope that more organizations come forward and join us in our mission to build an India which is empowered to defeat cancer.”

PAYBACK India said, ‘We are really happy to partner with the YouWeCan Foundation. Their work has been instrumental in changing the lives of people battling from cancer as well as their families. Through our combined efforts, we aim to sponsor the treatment of underprivileged children and make a difference in their lives.”

The YouWeCan Foundation organizes regular awareness programmes in addition to providing tobacco-cessation counseling. There are anti-tobacco workshops organized at corporates, colleges, community centers and hospitals across the country. The Foundation also runs a Treatment Fund for Paediatric patients, providing financial assistance to underprivileged families with a household income of up to Rs 2 lakhs per annum.   

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