One Third of All Cancer Deaths can be prevented by
better awareness & early detection.

It is estimated that around 70% of cancer patients in India are detected in advanced stages of the disease, leading to an extremely high mortality rate. In 2018 alone, over 7,84,000 people died due to cancer in India, with over 11,57,000 new cancer cases were reported in the same year. But we can change this! According to World Health Organisation, over one third of all cancer deaths could be prevented. We believe that screening is at the heart of the battle against cancer in India.

Our Approach

We conduct regular cancer screening camps for marginalised communities, in multiple locations across the country. Having screened over 150,000 people till date, the program primarily focuses on breast & oral cancer screening. We also train women on how to conduct self-breast examination and spread awareness on cervical cancer.

In the the near future, we aim to scale this program and start screening for cervical cancer as well. Our long-term goal is to partner with state governments and implement large state-level screening programs through public-private partnerships.