Shoolini University and YWC get together to create awareness on Substance Abuse & AIDS

YouWeCan and Shoolini University in Solan have shared a deep relationship since 2015. The work done by the student volunteers was so well acclaimed and appreciated that Yuvraj personally visited the campus some years ago.


Carrying forward this liason the team of Dr. Tanvi Yadav and Ms. Purnima Bisht visited Shoolini to deliver awareness sessions on Substance Abuse and AIDS on World AIDS Day.


Dr. Tanvi spoke to the faculty, staff and students and they were sensitised on the harmful effects of Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco and other toxic substances. The audience was also mentored about differentiating between a habit and addiction. She explained how a small initiation in substance can be habit- forming and eventually lead to addiction. She also emphasized that coming out of addiction is surely possible if one has the will power. Ms. Purnima took sessions on awareness about the deadly disease HIV and AIDS. These sessions were all about the clearing of myths and provide facts related to HIV and AIDS to the audience.


Ms. Bisht also provided some statistics to explain how the disease has spread and preventive measures that are being taken to control the same.


She said that not every person who is suffering from HIV and AIDS will meet a tragic end. With timely treatment, compassion, and inclusivity, people living with HIV can also lead a normal and dignified life.

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