Story of courage

Anvesha Singh was playing kho kho in her school premises when she felt pain in her legs. Her parents thought that it’s just a normal pain so they kept giving her basic pain killers but when the pain became unbearable and they were recommended to get an x-ray done, they were shocked to know that she is suffering from Osteosarcoma cancer. Due to the severity of cancer, she was on verge of getting her legs amputated to stop the disease from spreading. Post the diagnosis they got referred to Rajeev Gandhi hospital in Delhi where the doctor informed them that they will save her leg but she might not be able to run or fold her leg.


Anvesha’s father who’s a school teacher was devastated as his daughter was diagnosed with such a deadly disease putting her life at risk. He felt that all her dreams of becoming an IAS officer would be shattered. Though Anvesha lost interest in all her hobbies during her treatment but her enthusiasm towards her goal didn’t change and she kept working hard in academics to pursue her goal to crack UPSC.


Currently in grade 7th, 15-year-old Anvesha’s healing process is going on stable. Her parents are grateful to YouWeCan foundation for their wholehearted support to help her fight this battle against cancer, giving her a second chance to survive and live her dreams. They expressed that after coming in contact with the foundation they saw some hope and were relieved that now Anvesha will be treated with best care possible under the guidance from team YouWeCan.



Strong, Resilient, Survivor.

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