Story of Courage

Syed Asad

Syed Asad aged 4, belongs from a remote village located in Putki Block of Jharkhand. After observing distinct changes in the daily activities of Asad, the parents got extremely concerned about the overall health of their son. On the suggestion of the local doctor of the village, Asad was taken to Muskan Hospital and Research Centre. The senior doctors of the Pediatric department referred them to the department of Haematology. The family with their limited income borrowed money from their distant relatives and friends to bear the cost of the blood test required to determine the diagnosis of Asad. The result confirmed that Asad was suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia – a type of blood cancer. Asad was referred to Tata Medical Centre Kolkata which gave the family an estimated cost of treatment of approximately Rs 6,00,000. The family had an annual income of Rs 48000 and was not in panic and distress.

His father approached YouWeCan and in no time Syed’s treatment commenced. Syed responded positively to the treatment and at present there are no signs of malignancy or inflammation. Team is constantly doing follow up on his healing process. He is looking forward to starting his schooling and fulfilling all his dreams.

Syed Asad Strong, Resilient, Survivor.

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