Story Of Courage

Shiva’s mother is a housewife, while his father works in the transport sector. They are a family of seven members. Till the age of 3, all was well with Shiva but then he began to have fever every few days. He also started having pain in his legs and stopped walking. The doctor advised the family to get him examined. After the examination, they learned that he had a specific type of blood cancer. He was prescribed several medications, but he still didn’t recover, and the fever kept rising. Finally, they admitted him to PGICH, Noida. His symptoms improved once their doctor removed the water from his bones. He is currently doing well, and his recovery is progressing smoothly. His medical care is proceeding successfully. His treatment at the PGICH in Noida has been going on for the past eight months.


Since he is just 4.5 years old, he is not currently enrolled in any school. Although he is too young to have ambitions or aspirations, his mother prays for a great future for him. His current interests are limited to playing with toys and watching cartoons. The hospital personnel informed them about YouWeCan and their treatment support program for cancer patients from a marginalized background.


The parents acknowledge the great support they received from YouWeCan. They say that YouWeCan was there for them during a time when they had almost given up hope. Shiva’s mother expressed her gratitude to Mr. Yuvraj Singh and his foundation for their assistance during this extremely trying time. This happened as a result of their getting to know about the foundation from PGICH, Noida. She added that the foundation has also said that they will support Shiva when he wants to start school. Both the parents are thankful and indebted to YWC Foundation for saving Shiva’s life.



Strong, Resilient, Survivor.

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