28 years ago, I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. I was not emotionally prepared for what I was going to face. Once I accepted my diagnosis, I became focused on emerging victorious for my boys. I have two sons aged 41 and 48 – whom I have brought up as my husband (a merchant navy officer) was on duty. My faith in the almighty kept me strong. My reproductive organs were removed in the first surgery that I underwent. My friends were very supportive and helped me a lot in every way. They provided me with guidance, planned my surgery, and sent me to the Head of Surgery at TATA Memorial Hospital – Dr. M.R Kamat. Thanks to Dr. G.I. Dhall, Dr. Kamla Dhall, Dr. Mangla Dogra, Dr. Negi, Dr. J.D. Wig, and Dr. Jyotsna Wig in helping me through my battle with cancer. My sister-in-law pampered me beyond belief, and her warmth helped me heal. My family members gave me all the moral support and strength.

Early detection goes a long way in enabling effective treatment. When there is untimely spotting – it is commonly mistaken for early or late menstruation. However, every symptom should be taken seriously and women must be cautious and take every measure to prioritize their health. After my experience with Cancer – I started to look at life from a new perspective. I became more confident, fearless, empathetic and my faith in God is now boundless. My advice to patients is to take good care of themselves because cancer has to be fought collectively with physical, mental, and emotional strength. I am now volunteering as a public relations officer for Chandigarh-based NGO – Sahayta – to help others on their journey in beating cancer.

Daman Mangat

Optimist. Believer. Fighter.

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