My name is Sudipto Mukherjee.


I became aware of my condition, entirely accidentally. There were lumps in my lower extremities, so I went to the general physician for a health check-up. I had hoped that this check-up would rid me of any doubts I had, but it became apparent that I was suffering from something much more serious than I could’ve ever imagined.


I was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in December 2021. It was devastating for me because I always took pride in how I looked after myself and my health. I have been a non-smoker all my life too!


Currently, my chemotherapy is going on and I am feeling quite well. I am a sports person, and I love to work out in the gym as it helps me in staying motivated. I want to thank You We Can and Yuvraj Singh for helping me at such a difficult time.



Ambitious, Resilient, Survivor.

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