Street Music Mob for Cancer Awareness


Music and Jamming has the potential to improve health outcomes among individuals and communities. It is a process through which important facets of human development are physical, emotional, mental, social, aesthetic and spiritual health etc.

Yuvraj Singh Foundation in association with Manzil Mystics conducted flash mobs of musicians on the theme of ‘Cancer Awareness’ on the eve of National Volunteering Week. The event aimed at reaching out to approximately 500 people in Nehru Place Market. The target audience of the event aims to be inclusive comprising of Youth, Elderly, Women, cancer Survivors, Caregivers, Doctors, Musicians, Business men etc

Objectives :

  1. To create cancer awareness through a series of musical performances in Nehru Place Market
  2. To create a platform for sharing inspiring stories of cancer survivors
  3. To create an inclusive space for cancer survivors, and caregivers aimed at positively impacting the emotional and psychological health of the above stakeholders

Activities Done:

  1. Flash Mob of Musicians comprising of Sufi and Kabir Songs addressing the need of fight cancer together
  2.  Inclusive Djembe Performance in batches in which children from below poverty line, cancer survivors, caregivers and doctors will participate
  3. Pledges by people to give up smoking, participate in cancer screening camps etc.
  4. Social media campaign before the event

Volunteering opportunities available

  1. Awareness and Mobilization
  2. Registration
  3. Crowd Management
  4. Coordinating the travel of cancer survivors, caregivers and children from below the poverty line
  5. Water Counter Duty
  6. Registration of participants
  7. Facilitating the pledge process
  8. Documentation of the event


Key Outcomes

  1. Generating Cancer Awareness among 500 individuals
  2. Gathering 200 pledges for taking responsibility of getting cancer screening done in their own family

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