Two-Days Health Camp at Dayalpur Village, Delhi

A health check-up camp was conducted by Yuvraj Singh Foundation at Dayalpur Village, Delhi.

The participants of the camp were checked by doctors for their blood pressure, oral cancer, Body Mass Index  (BMI) and dental hygiene. Health education was provided regarding simple issues like cancer awareness, tobacco cessation, malnutrition, proper hygiene habits etc. The camp was divided into multiple sets of activities.

On day one, 296 patients were checked. 43 participants had high blood pressure, 27 had low BP, out of which, majority were women. Also, 61% children had BMI. It was observed that oral cancer is not prevalent in the population. However, dental problems existed.


  • 130 patients were checked on the second day of the camp. 23 patients were detected with high BP and 12 with low BP, out of which a majority were women. 11% children had low BMI.
  • 7 doctors were present for a check-up at the camp.
  • Focus of the camp on health education
  • Team of 7 doctors present at the venue
  • Tooth paste and soap samples distributed to the attendees
  • Majority of women detected with low blood pressure


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