Winston Churchill said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”


Despite our success, not a single person is free from the uncertainties that life has to offer. Adversities come in various forms – loneliness, illness, financial constraints, loss, and the list goes on.


We come across people every day, and we truly have no idea what is going on with the other person. We tend to be rude to strangers if we’re having a bad day, yell at the waiter who couldn’t bring our order on time, or the cashier who is taking some extra time to bill the order, and just tend to get insolent when things do not go our way.


Kindness breaks barriers and connects people – different or alike. A kind word, a smile, opening a door, or helping carry a heavy load can all be acts of kindness. The greatest thing of all is that when a person gives, they catch a glimpse of just how amazing they are, the potential they have, and they suddenly become filled with a sense of purpose. Being kind is healing to both the receiver and the giver. Also, the person who instantly benefits from an act of kindness is the one initiating it. Performing acts of kindness provide an increased sense of self-worth, greater happiness, and a sense of purpose, as well as mitigates feelings of helplessness and isolation. The world can always use more kindness.


Kindness is contagious. Every act of kindness creates a ripple effect. Performing random acts of kindness makes you an example of what is possible. You become an inspiration and make people aware of their potential to create a difference.


Just as important as it is to be kind to others, it is equally important to be kind to ourselves. Self- kindness is an essential component of good mental health. It promotes happiness and confidence. Overruling negative self-talk and replacing it with a kinder, and more compassionate and accepting voice is one of the most transformative steps we can take for our mental wellbeing.

There are 7 billion people in this world and if you cannot find a kind person, be one and pass it on.


Until the next edition, let us be kinder and keep focusing on little things that spread kindness.


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