C.Chitra a doting and proud mother was always on seventh heaven seeing her son Akash grow into a fine gentleman progressing in life through dedication and hard work. She was introduced to YouWeCan by Akash who has been a die- hard fan of Yuvraj Singh. He ardently followed his Yuvi sir and got inspired from latter’s dynamic personality. A self-made man, Akash was intelligent, compassionate and a selfless boy.


Chitra and Akash were living in their own happy world until it came shattering down when he was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma. His condition worsened day by day and in no time, he was completely bedridden. He was helpless and in distress but what kept him going was his hero’s autobiography ‘The Test of My Life’. He read it daily twice to stay self-motivated. But what truly gave him strength and positivity to survive was the letter and gift sent by none other than his Yuvi sir.


But destiny had some other plans. Akash succumbed to cancer at an age of 23, leaving his mother lonely and distraught. Akash took a promise from his mother that after he’s gone, she will continue living a meaningful and happy life by supporting YouWeCan as much as possible. His motto in life was ‘one month one good deed’ which he wanted everyone to follow.


Since then, Chitra is an ardent supporter of Yuvraj Singh Foundation and supports every campaign and event wholeheartedly. She says its my duty to fulfill my son’s last wish of doing my best through YouWeCan. Chitra emotionally quoted, “I lost my one son to cancer but my Yuvi son is a survivor and role model and my blessings are always with him. I hope his foundation continues with their incredible work so that no other mother loses their child to cancer.”

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