Why Cancer

What Happens When We Act?

More than one third of cancer cases can be prevented. Another third can be cured if detected early and treated properly. Which means we can save 3.7 million lives globally and 2,61,000 lives in India every year.

The Key Lies in Awareness & Screening

Around 70% of cancer patients in India are diagnosed in advanced stages of the disease. As a result, the mortality rate for cancer in India is extremely high, estimated to be 6x higher than US and UK. The key to change this lies in better awareness and regular screening.

Progress is Possible

The cancer related mortality rate in the US has reduced by 27% over the past 25 years. This is attributed to a steady reduction in smoking, increased awareness and advancements in early detection and treatment.

We believe we can achieve this in India too. To do this, we’re planning nationwide awareness and screening campaigns and partnering with multiple stakeholder groups. #ProgressIsPossible