World Cancer Survivor Day celebrated with Artemis Health Science Foundation

Artemis Health Science Foundation in association with Yuvraj Singh Foundation observed the World Cancer Survivor Day on 05-06-2017 in Nawada-Fatehpur village, which is located in the interiors of Gurugram district of Haryana, by organizing an awareness-cum-interaction session in the community. The camp was organized to celebrate the triumph of millions over cancer and generate awareness regarding the early detection of cancer. Dr. Raja Tewari, Oncologist, Artemis Hospital, addressed the gathering of over 80 plus participants and communicated the importance of regular screening and early detection of cancer during the reproductive age, introduction of medical marvel HPV vaccine and it’s significance for the young and adolescent girls, techniques of self-examination and information on low-cost cancer screening tests such as pap-smear etc.
To interact with the crowd on this special day, Mrs. Suresh Devi (cancer survivor), a teacher by profession and fighter by virtue, was invited to share her victory over cancer and how she survived this illness with the female participants. She also emphasized and motivated the participants to get themselves screened every three years for cervical and breast cancer by personally engaging with each and every female attending the camp.

Her righteousness and concern for the community rang a bell with the participants and people were witnessed applauding for her all through the event. During her speech she quoted thus:
“I was detected with cancer when it was in its second stage, the survival rate decreases with the magnitude of stages cancer has crossed which my whole family disappointed. But (what) kept me going was my will power and willingness to live and survive through this. The reason why I am sitting here among you people is mainly because of 50% effort of the doctors and 50% my stubbornness to defeat this disease.”
During the camp, two cancer survivors came forward and shared their stories with the community as well. The camp was highly appreciated by the village panchayat and the local frontline workers as they pledged to spread awareness about the early screening and HPV vaccine among the community members who were not able to participate.

  • 80+ participants were educated about importance of regular cancer checkups
  • Mrs. Suresh Devi, cancer survivor, encouraged women to get screened every three years for cervical and breast cancer
  • Two cancer survivors shared their stories and spoke opening about their days with the disease
  • Oncologist Dr. Raja Tiwari emphasized the importance of maintaining a healthy body


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