YouWeCan Foundation reaches out to those in need with COVID 19 Hunger Relief Campaign

COVID-19 has deeply impacted the lives of many people globally. According to a survey by ActionAid India, more than 78% of workers in the informal sector have lost their livelihoods and have faced the brunt of the economic slowdown since the pandemic induced lockdown. The YouWeCan Foundation, along with its star volunteer Sujan Kumar organized a Hunger relief campaign in Telangana to ease the problems of migrant workers.

At the YouWeCan Foundation, we are working relentlessly towards our mission of empowering Indians to defeat cancer. In these unprecedented times, the foundation is also working towards doing its bit to help those affected by the ongoing situation. Under this campaign, the YouWeCan Foundation and Sujan Kumar have helped more than 600 workers from Telangana with daily essentials including ration kits and sanitisers.


The YWC Foundation has been working extensively to provide relief to the frontline workers. A representative from the YouWeCan Foundation said, “We are currently in very uncertain times. It is great to see volunteers of the Foundation stepping up and taking initiative in these times of difficulty. We are glad the campaign was executed safely and responsibly and are also grateful for the efforts put in by the people involved. In this hour of need, a little help goes a long way.”

The Hunger Relief Campaign was initiated to ease the dire predicament of migrant workers from Telangana. Sujan Kumar said, “It troubled me greatly to see how migrant workers were losing their livelihoods and struggling to make ends meet. I knew that I had to do something about it in my capacity as a YouWeCan Foundation volunteer. I am grateful to the foundation for being so supportive and helping me do my bit for society.” 

The campaign provided for more than 600 migrant workers and was executed safely and responsibly. We are grateful to have had this opportunity.


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