YouWeCan Health Camp in collaboration with Navoothan Foundation

The village of Alipur, which is a 40-minute drive from the main city of Gurgaon, saw a health camp organised by Yuvraj Singh Foundation. The area has very scarce medical services and hence the idea of having a camp here was a noble and different experience for its residents.

The participants were checked by doctors for their blood pressure, oral cancer and breast cancer. Health education was provided regarding simple issues like malnutrition, proper hygiene habits etc. Out of 130 patients, the camp consisted of 89 women and 86 men. 11 patients had oral lesions due to tobacco use. Also, 17 patients had gingival problems attributed to bad oral hygiene. Nearly 40 patients had deep dental caries. 28 children had low BMI indicating underweight and malnutrition.

  • Mammography conducted in a van brought by Navoothan Foundation
  • Open discussion about cancer was part of the camp
  • Age of patients in between 10 to 59 years


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