Netal Rathi

In conversation with Netal Rathi, a Yuvian and active member of the YouWeCan Family – on what makes him amplify the YWC message.


Ques.  Introduce yourself.  Where are you from and how have you become involved with the foundation?

Ans. I am Netal Rathi. I come from Nanded in Maharashtra. I am pursuing Dentistry. I got involved with the foundation through a fellow Yuvi fan and friend –Sravan Karne, who is an active volunteer at YouWeCan.


Ques.  What  motivated  you  to  become  involved with  YWC  activities?

Ans. During my clinical postings, I noticed that the suffering of cancer patients is mainly due to negligence and late detection of the disease. The main aim of YWC is to spread awareness which can help in early diagnosis. This is when I decided to join their initiative. I am also fascinated by the amount of hardwork everyone including the legend Yuvi himself at YWC put in to help the needy.


Ques.  What is a memorable moment that you’ve experienced in your involvement with YWC?

Ans. Every moment I spend at YWC is memorable for me – starting from meeting the legend Yuvi himself on the video call to being a part of the team in the #Mission1000Beds project.


Ques. What do you aspire to do?

Ans. As a Dental professional, I want to work on spreading awareness about Oral health. Oral health awareness helps in early detection of a lot of diseases. Unfortunately it is being neglected in India. I want to address that issue. Apart from this, I also want to run a clinic and indulge myself in medical research.


Ques. Has Yuvraj Singh inspired your life? How and why?

Ans. No words could ever describe how Yuvi’s presence has changed my life for the better. He always inspired me to work harder and to never give up no matter what. He is the only one who keeps me going. He is one of the strongest pillars of my life and I am eternally grateful to him for making me what I am today.

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