SURYA | Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu

In conversation with a Yuvi fan and an aspiring C.A, Surya (@AuditorSurya) from Tamil Nadu


Ques. Introduce yourself. Where are you from and how have you become involved with the foundation?

Answer. I am Surya, from Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu. I am pursuing Chartered Accountancy. For a die-hard Yuvraj Singh fan like me, it is quite natural to get involved with YWC.


Ques. What motivated you to become involved with YWC activities?

Answer. Yuvi paaji’s journey is the push we all need to stay motivated in life. YWC has been organizing a wide variety of activities that are impacting society in various ways – their cancer awareness activities and the coveted Mission1000Beds activity motivated me a lot.


Ques. What is a memorable moment that you’ve experienced in your involvement with YWC?

Answer. For the past few years, my team and I under the name Tamil Nadu Yuvraj Singh Army have been organising charity activities on every December 12. All such moments where I become a part of YWC’s journey are very memorable to me.


Ques. What do you aspire to do?

Answer. I want to become a Chartered Accountant. Apart from this, I also have plans of organising charity activities through the Tamil Nadu Yuvraj Singh Army.


Ques. Has Yuvraj Singh inspired your life? How and why?

Answer. The only source of motivation in my life and the only hero I look upto in my life is Yuvraj Singh. Though I never got to meet him in person, I feel like I am mentally connected to him. From Cricket to Cancer and back to cricket – Yuvi paa’s journey is the greatest inspiration for anyone. His fighting spirit and the never give up attitude is something I want to stick to throughout my life.

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