In conversation with a Yuvi fan and cancer warrior from New Delhi


Ques. Introduce yourself. Where are you from and how have you become involved with the foundation?

Answer. My name is Jatin, and I am from Delhi, and I got involved with the foundation through RGCI.


Ques. What motivated you to become involved with YWC activities?

Answer. I am a big fan of Yuvraj Singh and my desire of helping others motivated me to get involved in the YWC activities.


Ques. Tell us  something  about  your  fight with  cancer.

Answer. I was diagnosed with cancer at age of 4 and I had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. I don’t even know what was happening with me. My family members and relatives were devastated after hearing the news. I was admitted to Sunder Lal Jain hospital near my hometown. The operation was successful but still I was feeling some discomfort. Then someone told me about Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital. I would like to thank the doctors of Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital and especially Dr Gauri who treated me and saved me . I am thankful to hospital staff and doctors for giving me a new life. Now I can say that I am a cancer survivor.


Ques. How would you describe your life after your battle with cancer?

Answer. I will say that cancer had taught me to stay positive in difficult times.


Ques. What message would you like to share with people  who  are  battling  with the cancer?

Answer. I will say that if you have belief and if you are positive in life, you can definitely beat cancer.


Ques. Has Yuvraj Singh inspired your life? How and why?

Answer. I found that Yuvraj Singh is also a cancer survivor. His dedication towards his country and cricket motivated me a lot. I am very much excited to meet him and share my cancer journey with him. I learnt from him that if being a cancer patient if he can be so strong and dedicated why can’t I.

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