Varuni  |  Gorakhpur,  UP

When Yuvian Varuni was introduced to YouWeCan Foundation’s work – she found an accessible way to make a significant difference. In conversation with Varuni, on what makes her amplify the YWC message.

Q. Introduce yourself.  Where  are  you  from  &  how have  you  become  involved  with  the  foundation?

Ans. I am Varuni from Gorakhpur, UP. I’m a lawyer and a semi-qualified company secretary. I work at a CA firm. I have been keeping an eye on the foundation and looking for ways to get involved with it since 2013 and eventually, I found my way through.

Q. What motivated  you  to  become  involved with  YWC  activities?

Ans. I always wanted to be associated with a cause. The idea and the intent behind YWC Foundation motivated me to become involved with YWC activities. I look forward to contribute to YWC in multiple ways in future.

Q.  What  is  a  memorable  moment  that  you’ve experienced  in  your  involvement  with  YWC?

Ans. I was born on August 29. On August 29, 2020 Yuvraj Singh planned to connect with all his fans through a video call. Imagine getting an opportunity to speak to your idol on your birthday!!! An out-of- the-world feeling!! Unfortunately in the last minute, the call was postponed to August 31, 2020 – and I got an opportunity to speak to my hero. This was only possible because of my involvement with YWC.

Q.  What  do  you  aspire  to  do?

Ans. I aspire to be the happiest version of myself, to be content and grateful with what I have and to constantly work on improving myself. Professionally, I’d like to start my own practice and work in the field of taxation and corporate affairs.


Q.  Has  Yuvraj  Singh  inspired  your  life? How and why?

Ans. Yes, in a number of ways. I’ve always been a huge fan of Yuvraj Singh, the cricketer. Post 2011 World Cup and his journey afterwards, I became a huge fan of Yuvraj Singh, the person. For me, his is a brilliant story of survival, resilience and inspiration. His “never give up” attitude and his passion for the game inspires me the most.

His  “never  give  up” attitude  and  his  passion for  the  game  inspires me  the  most.

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