Bharath  Pasula  |  Bacharam,  Hyderabad,  Telangana

When Yuvian Bharath Pasula was introduced to YouWeCan Foundation’s work – he found an accessible way to make a significant difference. In conversation with Bharath, on what makes him amplify the YWC message.

Q.  Introduce yourself.  Where are you from  &  how have you become involved with the foundation?

Ans. I am Bharath Pasula. I come from a place called Bacharam which is situated close to Hyderabad, Telangana. I got involved with the YouWeCan foundation through Twitter.

Q. What motivated you to become involved with  YWC  activities?

Ans. I have been a die-hard fan of Yuvraj Singh. Getting involved in activities which are related to him excited me and here I am.

Q.  What  is  a  memorable  moment  that  you’ve experienced  in  your  involvement  with  YWC?

Ans. The fact that I am involved in YouWeCan itself excites me always. All the interactions with the core team of YouWeCan and getting involved in Yuvi’s birthday ceremonies at Nizamabad every year – are the most memorable moments for me

Q.  What  do  you  aspire  to  do?

Ans. I aspire to become a businessman. I also want to serve those who need it. When I was young, my family struggled financially. This motivates me to get to a position where I can help others.

Q.  Has  Yuvraj  Singh  inspired  your  life? How and why?

Ans. Yuvi Anna inspired my life in many ways. Life isn’t easy for me. I have been working hard to be what I am today and have to work even harder to fulfil my ambitions. Throughout this journey of mine, Yuvi has been my secret companion. He has been travelling with me in my head. Whenever I feel I can’t do anything or whenever I feel exhausted, it is him whom I look up to. He motivates me to get up again and do it again. He has been the driving force of my life.

“I  have  been  a  die-hard fan  of  Yuvraj  Singh. Getting  involved  in activities  which  are related  to  him  excited me and here I am.”



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