Ashkar    |   Thalassery,  Kerela

In conversation with Ashkar, a Yuvian and active member of the YouWeCan Family – on what makes him amplify the YWC message.

Ques.  Introduce yourself.  Where  are  you  from &  how  have  you  become  involved  with  the foundation

Answer. I am Ashkar from Thalassery, a place in Kannur district in Kerala. I came to know about YouWeCan through social media in 2014.


Ques.  What motivated you to become involved with YWC activities?

Answer. I feel the most important thing one should do is help the underprivileged and people who are fighting health issues. YouWeCan is doing exactly this by helping cancer patients. This initiative by Yuvi paa touched my heart and motivated me to join the cause.


Ques. What is  a  memorable  moment  that you’ve  experienced  in  your  involvement with  YWC?

Answer. The first memorable moment for me was on November 17, 2020. I met Yuvi paa for the first time. I also met him again after that.

I also got an opportunity to visit Yuvi paa’s residence in India during my bike rally for the #Mission1000Beds initiative.


Ques. What do  you  aspire  to  do?

Answer. I aspire to become a businessman. I am now working in the Panasonic home appliances department in Dubai. I also run a foundation called Yuvianz foundation Kerala, whose aim is to help the needy, spread Cancer awareness and organise blood donation campaigns. I also organised a blood donation event in Dubai on 12/12/2021.


Ques. Has Yuvraj  Singh  inspired  your  life? How and why?

Answer. Of course, Yuvi paa is an inspiration for billions across the globe. I am one of them. His dedication while playing for India, the way he played in the 2011 world cup with a tumour growing in his body is very inspiring. Apart from this, the social service he does – is commendable. I recently got to know that YouWeCan served over 200K Cancer patients so far. That is a huge number.

Also when I was struggling to settle down in Dubai – Yuvi paa’s words NEVER GIVE UP kept me motivated.

I love Yuvi paa more than anything

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