Rameshwar Karandekar | Maharashtra

In conversation with Rameshwar Karandekar, a Yuvian and active member of the YouWeCan Family – on what makes him amplify the YWC message.

Ques. Introduce yourself.  Where are you from and how have you become involved with the foundation?

Ans. I am Rameshwar Karandekar (@YesYuvi) from Nanded in Maharashtra. I am die hard fan of Yuvi paa. I got involved with YouWeCan through their social media pages.

Ques. What motivated you to become involved with YWC activities?

Ans. YWC has been organising a wide variety of activities which are impacting society in various ways – their cancer awareness activities and the mission 1000 beds activity motivated me a lot.

Ques. What is a memorable moment that you’ve experienced in your involvement with YWC ?

Ans. My birthday also happens to be the day on which Yuvi paa bid adieu to cricket. I always have bitter-sweet memories of my birthday since 2019. On my birthday in 2021 (June 10) 25 Yuvi fans including me, came together and raised an amount of 50,505 INR to donate towards the mission 1000 beds initiative of the YWC foundation. It gave me loads of satisfaction and joy for being a part of such a noble cause.

Ques. What do you aspire to do?

Ans. As a part of my profession, I am working in the mortgage field. I want to scale greater heights in this field just like Yuvi paa excelled in cricket. I will also keep striving towards being a better human being.


Ques.  Has Yuvraj Singh inspired your life? How and why?

Ans. Since my childhood, the one and the only hero I have is Yuvi paa. As my WhatsApp status aptly reads “Woh sirf star nahi, duniya hai meri…!!” I have never met him but I am mentally connected to him, always. He has been motivating me since the beginning. His fighting spirit, never give up attitude and the way he feels responsible to contribute for a better society – all these things keep motivating me.


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