Yuvraj Singh collaborates as brand ambassador for CURIA

Yuvraj singh

International cricketer, humanitarian, cancer survivor, and Padma Shri Yuvraj Singh has recently
joined hands with CURIA TM as its brand ambassador. CURIA TM is a one-stop platform for cancer-related information and services that provides an amalgamation of healthcare and artificial
intelligence & blockchain technologies to augment equitable and efficient healthcare.

After defeating cancer, Yuvraj Singh started the non-profit organization, YouWeCan with a vision to
empower people to defeat cancer. Till date, the Foundation has impacted over 350,000 lives through various initiatives and programs. The association with CURIA is aligned with the vision, mission, and ethos of the Foundation and henceforth it is a well-defined and symbiotic association. Talking of this association with CURIA , Yuvraj Singh has said, “I am delighted to join hands with CURIA , the app that empowers cancer patients by offering them quick and correct information for their treatment and is also boosting cancer research initiatives. I have been through the entire journey of a cancer patient and the challenges one faces during the different stages. Therefore, it gives me great delight to represent CURIA , and I hope that my support to the app results in helping a lot of cancer patients in the coming times.”

CURIA provides an interactive and state-of-the-art platform to cancer patients to empower and
support their journey by providing them with the most critical, accurate, unbiased, and comprehensive information. By giving them the option to be involved and engage with the cancer
community, the patient can be directly involved in futuristic and result-driven cancer research.


Gunjan Bhardwaj, Founder & CEO, Partex NV said, “Singh is an icon and an inspiration being a cancer survivor himself. He has personally experienced all the challenges and prevailed over the disease. Thus, he is an ideal choice to promote the CURIA app in the country. I have witnessed the struggles of cancer patients and their families from close quarters. Despite ample research and
documentation of the disease, it is still difficult to quickly find the right and helpful information from the labyrinths of the internet. We decided to leverage advanced technologies such as AI and
blockchain for patient information and awareness.”

Medical healthcare is a dynamic and evolving sector that is coming up with technological
advancements at a rapid pace. Synergies like these give a ray of hope in amplifying cancer research
and providing quick, correct treatment options to the patients.

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