YWC organizes a two-day health camp at Kasauli and Dagshai

A two-day camp was held at Kasauli and Dahshai on 13th and 14th May 2017 respectively. The camp was organized in association with Yuvraj Singh Foundation, Shoolini University and Inner Wheel Club. The venue for the first day was Military Hospital, Kasauli and Section Hospital, Dagshai for the second.
Tests conducted on these two days include dental check-up, oral cancer screening with toluidine blue staining, breast cancer screening with iBE, along with measurement of height, weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), temperature, pulse oximetry and blood pressure.
The results of the first day revealed that 24 women were detected positive on the iBE, 3 people had high blood pressure and 4 people were reported positive for oral pre-cancerous oral symptoms. The tests of the second day suggested that people had oral findings including dirty teeth, periodontitis, halitosis, dental caries and teeth requiring extraction.

  • More than 200 participants went through various medical exams
  • 54 women screened for breast cancer with iBreastExam test
  • 2 doctors and 2 auxiliary staff members were present at the camp
  • 15 Shoolini University students volunteered for the event

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    Dr. Niky Tulsidas Hadfadkar is Cluster Coordinator for the Swasth Mahila Swasth Goa Project. She has pursued her Bachelor in Homoeopathy and Medical Surgery (BHMS) and also holds