Aradhya lives in Ghaziabad, a city of Uttar Pradesh

Aradhya lives in Ghaziabad, a city of Uttar Pradesh . When she was 7 years, she started having constant fever and bodyache and was in acute pain.Despite medications prescribed by doctor her condition did not get better. In 2020, young Aaradhya was diagnosed with B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia which is an aggressive cancer and it progresses quickly.

Her family did their best to find a solution to her problems by running from one hospital to another. She finally got admitted to PGICH Noida. The treatment cost was expensive. Despite having no savings and unstable sources of income, her father had to close his shop for constantly going back and forth to and from hospital but they never thought of giving up on their child. Her parents borrowed money from friends and family, Aaradhya had developed Tuberculosis during the treatment which made it difficult for both her and the parents to take care of her during the treatment.

Now that she has completed her treatment, Aaradhya has started schooling at Holy Trinity Church School,in Ghaziabad. Aaradhya wants to become a Police officer to eliminate crime. YouWeCan has held Aradhya’s hand when she needed financial support to continue her education and will continue to do so when she has started her new journey to live a life which is full of dreams and a bright future.

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