Our Role

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound and far-reaching impact on India. The country faced immense challenges on multiple fronts including public health, economy, and society as a whole. The healthcare system was strained under the weight of surging cases, with shortages of hospital beds, medical supplies, and oxygen becoming critical issues. We have played a vital role in addressing the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in India. Through our initiatives, such as Mission Hygiene Kits, we mobilized over 1 million hygiene kits, providing crucial support to frontline healthcare workers across 14 states. The foundation's Mission 1000 Beds project focused on expanding hospital capacity, providing much-needed medical infrastructure to address the overwhelming demand.


Our Work


Mission 1000 Beds

  • Capacity of existing hospitals to be expanded by 10%-15%

  • Long-term capacity expansion while addressing short term need

  • Focus is on capex only, all aspects of operations will be managed by hospital partners

  • Extremely low turn around time with high impact: the solution is planned to be implemented within 15-45 days

Mission Hunger Relief

  • Hunger Relief Programme organised in Telangana by Sujan Kumar

  • Over 600 migrant workers were provided ration kits and sanitizers during lockdown 1

  • Over 2400 individuals from low income groups were provided meals and 300 families were provided ration supplies during lockdown 2


Mission Hygiene Kits

  • Initiative completed during first wave of COVID-19 pandemic

  • Mobilized over 1 million hygiene kits and other essential equipment worth over Rs. 2.4 crores for frontline healthcare workers

  • Hygiene kits delivered to 14 state governments across the country



CCU Beds setup in 14 Hospitals
across 11 states



Hygiene kits



PPE Kits provided to 8 hospitals
across 6 states

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