Our mission is to empower all people to defeat cancer through awareness, early detection, patient support and survivor empowerment. We cannot do this alone, we believe that strategic collaboration is at the heart of the fight against cancer.

Strategic collaborations that involve civil society, companies, cities, international organisations and agencies, research and academic institutions are the strongest ways to help expand awareness and support, convert political will into action and deliver comprehensive and cohesive solutions. Joining efforts leads to powerful action at every level.

Literally, anyone who wants to commit to a world free of cancer can connect and collaborate with us! We believe that good collaborations make you think wider, and greater while adding value to life and social change in many small yet significant ways.

Still wondering how we can collaborate? Here are few examples:
  • Are you a patient group that’s looking to partner with like-minded organisations?

  • Are you an NGO, which is open to pooling resources to maximise impact?

  • Are you a hospital which wants to work together towards paediatric cancer treatment?

  • Are you a city or state government, looking to create better awareness amongst your citizens?

  • Are you part of a college that wants to invite us to your fest?

  • Are you a group of change makers that has an innovation they want to share on our social media platforms?

  • Are you a corporate that is looking to partner with us to create an impact in cancer care and uplift the many affected by the disease through CSR opportunities?

Well we want to talk to you too! Just share some details below and we’ll get back to you at the earliest.


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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us! Volunteers are the driving force behind YouWeCan’s widespread initiatives to fight cancer in India.As a volunteer, you can help save lives of many people in your family, social circles and around the world. It only takes a little time to do a lot of good and bring lasting changes. Discover with YouWeCan Foundation how rewarding it is to be a volunteer!We welcome you to join us in our battle against cancer. To volunteer with us please fill the form.

Let's keep in touch !!