Mrs. Poonam Nanda

Trustee & Chief Mentor

Mrs. Poonam Nanda is a distinguished figure in public health and education with over three decades of experience in the non-profit sector. She is a Trustee and Chief Mentor of the YouWeCan Foundation, where she played a significant role in its growth from a small NGO to a national level organization. Mrs. Nanda is a cancer warrior who defeated breast cancer twice and is now dedicated to raising cancer awareness and promoting early detection.

As the Chief Mentor at YouWeCan Foundation, Mrs. Nanda played a crucial role in major projects such as the Pediatric Cancer Program and Breast Cancer program, expanding the foundation's reach and providing quality care to cancer patients. She also organized cancer screening camps and facilitated treatment for underprivileged cancer patients.

Mrs. Nanda is the Dean of Student Welfare at Shoolini University, where she shapes young minds to become future leaders of a healthier and better world. Her extensive experience in the non-profit sector provides a unique perspective on using education to bring positive change in society. Mrs. Nanda has devoted her life to motivating women to prioritize their health needs, as she firmly believes that women's health is crucial to the health of society. Her efforts to promote cancer awareness and early detection have impacted countless lives in India, making her a true inspiration and role model.

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