Ms. Shabnam Singh

Chairperson & Trustee

Ms. Shabnam Singh, mother of former International Cricketer. Yuvraj Singh has been involved in social work since a very young age. In her current role as Chairperson of the Yuvraj Singh Foundation, she oversees the strategic and operational aspects of the foundation and takes personal interest in monitoring the progress of the multiple beneficiaries that the foundation supports. A visionary leader and humanitarian, Ms. Shabnam Singh has been instrumental in driving the Yuvraj Singh Foundation over the past 10 years.

Having closely seen her own son battle the deadly disease. Ms. Singh is all the more committed to working for the welfare of individuals as well as their families who have encountered cancer. Her vision is not restricted to only providing the patients with medical care and facilities, but to provide them with a secure future through way of educational scholarships and support so that they too can lead a life of dignity and self-worth.

Her vision at YouWeCan Foundation is to create a revolution against cancer in India, one that gives every cancer patient the opportunity to live, love and laugh.

She has envisioned and operationalised all the flagship initiatives of the foundation and under her leadership the foundation has grown from strength to strength, impacting more than 3,50.000 lives. As chairperson of the foundation, she shapes strategies, advocates for the foundation's issues, and sets the overall direction for the foundation's work. Ms. Shabnam Singh is committed to changing the way India fights cancer through the various programs undertaken in the Yuvraj Singh Foundation. YOUWECAN ACTIVE A self-made lady, she has donned many hats in her life of being a motivational speaker, a life coach and a philanthropist known for standing besides people in their hour of need. She is highly respected and known for her work amongst the government and diplomats. In 2019, she has also been appointed as the Conseillère Economique for the Republic of Madagascar.

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