I am Jhulan Roy, aged 54, from Teliamura, Tripura. I’m a two-time cancer survivor. In 2007 I noticed a lump in my right breast, and neglected it at first. Sometime later that year, I went to attend my father’s death anniversary ceremony in my hometown Amarpur. My brother who is also an anesthesiologist got to know about my lump. He immediately booked an appointment with a doctor, which I tried postponing. However, this time – I was urged by my brother to go for a consultation, and he booked my appointments. After a few days, I was told I had to undergo surgery.


My husband and my brother considered sending me outside Tripura, in hopes of better treatment. As a mother, who worried about her son — I had my reservations. I moved past this fear and went for my surgery to the Agartala Government Medical College & GBP hospital. Following my mastectomy, began my slow recovery.


I remember crying at the sight of these words — “Regional Cancer hospital, Agartala, Tripura.” The thought of being a cancer patient, who had to face chemotherapy and radiotherapy; was terrifying. The treatment was very challenging. I dealt with nausea, vomiting and exhaustion in the first cycle itself. I completed 6 cycles of chemotherapy and 21 days of radiation — all the while, I worried about my son. Despite the challenges of body ache, nausea, vomiting, hair loss — I would feel elated when I held my son in my arms. The support I received from my husband and other family members was immense and gave me enough courage to fight all the odds. I owe this life of mine to my brother.


In June 2017, I noticed the same kind of swelling in the same spot of my breast. Having learnt from my past, I immediately went to see a doctor. FNAC was done and the doctor suspected the probability of recurrence of the tumour. The biopsy report confirmed it, and we relocated to Bangalore for treatment. As there was no metastasis, I underwent chemotherapy. My son, who was my weakness during my first battle with cancer; was now my greatest pillar of strength for me.


As he was about to become a doctor, he helped me understand the nuances of my diagnosis, treatment and post recovery. Cancer had now equipped me with an unwavering sense of courage and will to fight. I believe now — that this is a battle of the mind. If you are determined and follow the treatment protocol, Cancer is just a six-letter word and nothing else. Family too plays a vital role in helping a person defeat Cancer.


I want to conclude saying – “Determination beats all the odds. Victory is only for the person who refuses to stop fighting. Fight Cancer – I, You, We can defeat this together.”


Jhulan Roy

Optimist. Believer. Fighter.

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